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Daily pulse home

PulseBeat goes beyond any other health monitoring platform, offering you a comprehensive daily summary of your loved one’s lifestyle and health. Medication forgotten Tuesday? Notable vital sign changes? PulseBeat keeps you on top of what you need to know.

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“PulseBeat saves me time and helps me better prioritize my caregiving duties… it will put your mind at ease.

- Richard Kreis, family caregiver of seven years

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Remote peace of mind

By maintaining a pulse on your loved one’s medication intake, eating habits, and activity levels, PulseBeat involves you in your loved one’s life no matter where you are.

Personalized electronic record

PulseBeat gives you a crystal clear picture of your loved one’s health signs and symptoms. Access real-time and historical information about your loved one’s health status, and be alerted when there has been a significant change.

Personal record
Homecare nurse

On-demand home healthcare

With deeper insight into your loved one's health, there may come times when you want to provide personal care for your loved one. PulseBeat lets you do this by sending a home healthcare nurse to his or her home when you want it.

How it works

PulseBeat is meant to be as simple of a service as possible. It serves as your central hub, integrating health and monitoring technology to offer you a seamless remote care experience. The products, training, delivery, and installation are all handled by our team.

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Bundled products

Ipad device


Our health monitoring platform integrates into an iPad we deliver, pre-loaded with the PulseBeat app, to your loved one’s home. The various health tracking products come already integrated so that setup for your loved one is as easy and seamless as possible.

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Ihealth glucometer

iHealth Gluco-Monitoring System

Measures and records glucose levels using your iPhone or iPad.

Withings scale

Withings Wireless Scale

Tracks weight and BMI.

Withings bp

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Measures blood pressure and heart rate with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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Activity sensors devices

Activity sensors

Track and share information about medication intake and other lifestyle habits and events.

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Your PulseBeat account is your central hub, providing access to all the information and updates relevant to your loved one’s health collected from bundled devices.

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$99 per month

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What you get

  • Real-time access to all information relevant to your loved one’s health

  • Access to on-demand home nurse care

  • Weekly Pulse e-mail: a summarized analysis of your loved one’s health from the past week

  • SMS and e-mail alerts when notable health changes occur

  • Full suite of devices: iPad mini, Fitbit One, Withings wireless scale, Withings blood pressure monitor, in-home activity sensors

  • Personalized technology training session for your loved one

Call (415) 890-6591 for help getting started

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